TrueRide by Auto-Owners®

we offer safe driving discounts, because safe driving is worth rewarding.

TrueRide by Auto-Owners® is an optional program that rewards you for safe driving behavior. If you have a personal auto policy and a compatible smartphone, you may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance.

Ask your agent how you can sign up and save with the TrueRide by Auto-Owners® app.

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TrueRide by Auto-Owners®

How does TrueRide by Auto-Owners® work?

When you sign up, you will receive an immediate discount. Then, we will send you a text to download the TrueRide by Auto-Owners® app.

Once you activate the app on your phone, you're all set! Go about your driving as usual. Which is safely, we hope. The app will collect data about your driving habits to calculate if you qualify for a larger discount when your policy renews.

No need to get nervous. This is a discount-only program, so regardless of your driving style, you won't be surcharged.

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Questions About TrueRide?

We answered your frequently asked questions and provided even more details about the discount.

Frequently Asked Questions