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Tips for Increasing Safety Awareness in the Workplace

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Workplace safety is not something only construction and manufacturing businesses need to think about. Businesses and employees from all industries should be mindful of it.

Let’s discuss ways to create a safe work environment and potentially decrease workplace accidents.

Work with a safety manager or loss control consultant.

A safety manager understands what is required to keep everyone safe. They are employed by your company and work with employees to develop and implement safety plans, enforce policies and evaluate practices. If your company does not have a dedicated safety manager, a third-party loss control consultant can also assist with safety policies and procedures. Loss control consultants are similar to safety managers, but are not members of your staff. They work with you to understand yourAn illustration of a kitchen with vents and sprinklers, an office chair next to a monitor on a desk, a safety vest and gloves hung above boots and machinery with a hazard sign. operations and look for gaps to provide more information, resources and safety solutions for your business. They also assist with safety trainings and meetings.

A loss control consultant also assists with the following safety procedures. 

• Health hazard controls

• Ergonomic assessments

• Hazard assessments

• Personal protective equipment (PPE) assessment

Consider a workers compensation policy.

Workers compensation insurance covers employees for work-related injuries, illness or death. This coverage protects employees by paying covered medical bills and lost income if they are unable to work. In addition, if an accidental death occurs, workers compensation can help cover funeral expenses and other related expenses that might otherwise be a financial burden to their family.

What can be covered in a workers compensation policy?

As far as who is covered, that would be the employer themselves and their employees. Sometimes employers are excluded on policies, but they can elect to be covered. It can even cover employees who are injured at home if what they were doing at the time was related to their work. As far as what is covered, workers compensation provides coverage for income benefits, medical benefits, death benefits and burial benefits.

What is not covered in a workers compensation policy?

Workers compensation does not cover things such as employer negligence. So, if an employer knew something in the workplace was hazardous and tried to cover it up or didn't try to fix it and an employee got injured, that would not be covered under workers compensation.

Six people seated in a room with their hands raised. One person is standing at the front of the room facing those six people.
Educate and encourage employees.

Safety programs are a great start for establishing a safe workplace, however, the true goal is for employees to develop long-term habits and behaviors that promote a sustained safe work environment. Utilizing incentive programs is one way to encourage employees to be safe and potentially see the result of fewer accidents. Another way is to offer educational services to make sure employees are aware of the most up-to-date safety procedures and practices. Some examples of education resources offered by Auto-Owners loss control consultants are:

• Streamery - An educational streaming service that has over 700 safety related short videos for employers to send out to employees to watch on their own time.

• SafetySkills - A training solution that allows employees to have their own logins to watch longer videos that test their comprehension.

• Central Analysis Bureau (CAB) Advantage - A resource that provides analysis to help organizations understand and coach behaviors that lead to driving violations and crashes.

No one wants to think about getting injured on the job, but it’s important to have procedures and policies in place to bring more awareness to workplace safety. Following established safety policies and considering a workers compensation policy can help. Unsure if your business needs a workers compensation policy? Contact a local, independent agent today for more information.



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