Do you ever worry you might outlive your income? An Auto-Owners annuity allows you to grow and protect your money now, in order to provide a steady stream of income in the future. An annuity can provide income that a person cannot outlive. The frequency of payments can vary and an annuity can be structured to make payments for a fixed period of time or at a fixed dollar amount.

Annuities also grow tax-deferred, meaning taxes are not paid on interest earnings until funds are withdrawn. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are in a lower tax bracket during retirement years.* Funds held in an annuity pass directly to beneficiaries upon the death of the annuity holder. No surrender charges would apply and the funds may avoid probate, if payable to a named beneficiary.*


  • No setup or annual administration fees
  • Up to 10% of the cash value is available for withdrawal each year without penalty
  • Contributions can be made at any time (minimum deposit requirements apply)
  • Interest rate is guaranteed to never drop below the contract's minimum guaranteed interest rate

*References to tax aspects are not intended to constitute tax, legal or accounting advice. Consult your legal or tax advisor for specific advice.

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