Minnesota Workers Compensation Claims

Health Care Provider Information

Clearinghouse Information

Auto-Owners \ Home-Owners Insurance Company ---- 26638
Auto-Owners \ Owners Insurance Company ---- 32700
Auto-Owners \ Property-Owners Insurance Co ---- 32905
Auto-Owners \ Southern-Owners Company ---- 10190
Auto-Owners Insurance Company ---- 18988
Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company ---- 61190


CareWorks is the bill review clearinghouse for Minnesota workers compensation medical claims. Medical bills can be submitted electronically via 857 EDI transactions. CareWorks is currently partnered with the below clearinghouses:
• WorkCompEDI

Auto-Owners Insurance Minnesota Branch Contact Information

Phone: (800)332-2886

Email: minnesotaworkcomp.clm@aoins.com

Claim Number Format: XXX-XXXXX-XXXX

Electronic Transactions Contact Information

Payor ID: LS857

Clearinghouse Name: WorkCompEDI

Contact: James M.

Phone: 1-800-297-6909

Fax: 1-866-454-2681

Email: info@workcompedi.com