Health Protocol

Welcome to the A-O Summit! We are excited to have you here with us in person for this amazing event. We want to make sure everyone enjoys the Summit and stays healthy. We are taking appropriate precautions to make sure we are providing a safe environment for all of us. 

Below are guidelines we ask you to follow:

  • If you are not feeling well prior to traveling to Lansing, please email From there, we can determine whether or not it is safe for you to attend the Summit. 
  • If you arrive in Lansing and begin feeling ill, notify us as soon as possible and remain in your hotel room until further notice. Please make sure not to attend any events. 
  • For those of you that are local, please remain at home or return home if you are not feeling well. Please notify us if you are staying home for health reasons. 
  • If at any point throughout the week you begin feeling ill, immediately return to your hotel room and then contact us for further instructions. If this should happen in the middle of the day while we are meeting, please excuse yourself from the Summit. Additionally, we ask that you not attend any activity, shopping or evening events if you are feeling ill. 
  • If you are feeling ill and it is determined that you should forego the remainder of the week, it will be your choice whether or not you feel well enough to travel home. Since travel arrangements are different for each person, we will discuss options if this arises. 
  • Masks are not required for the Summit. It is optional if you would like to wear a mask to the event. 
  • Most importantly, do not leave your room if you are not feeling well. We will make sure you get the care you need.
  • During the Summit if you become ill please contact Tina Brumley or Valorie McNeal for assistance. Tina Brumley: 920.840.2737 Valorie McNeal: 989.621.6288

Thank you!