Low Mileage Discount

Is there anything better than saving money by doing what you're already doing?

If you drive your car 10,000 miles or less per year, you may qualify for our Low Mileage Discount. This discount can save you money on your premium if you have a private passenger vehicle on your auto policy that you don't drive much - 10,000 miles or less each year to be exact.

To apply for the Low Mileage Discount you must:

  1. Enroll in our Customer Center
  2. Sign in to your Customer Center account
  3. Upload a photo of the vehicle's current odometer

When uploading a photo of your vehicle's current odometer, please make sure that your camera is focused on the odometer and that the mileage is clear and readable. Taking a photo of another photo will not be accepted.

Every year, prior to your policy's renewal, we will send you an email requesting an updated photo of the vehicle's odometer. Then, we will calculate your discount based on your annual mileage. Easy as that!

Home Page Screenshot

1. Home Page

When a photo is required for a vehicle, a banner message will appear at the top of the Customer Center Home Page, advising that a photo is due. To submit a photo, select the “Take Photo” link from the banner message or the “Low Mileage Photo” link next to the corresponding auto policy.

Forms and Reports Page

2. Forms and Reports

Another option to upload a photo submission is to navigate to the Forms and Reports page through the Documents option at the top of the page. The vehicles that are eligible for the Low Mileage Discount will be displayed, and a photo can be submitted for each vehicle.

Low Mileage Discount Page

3. Upload an Image

An image of the vehicle’s odometer can be submitted by dragging a file into the shaded box, or by clicking “browse” to upload an image that is already saved.

Low Mileage Discount Page with Odometer Photo

4. Enter Vehicle Mileage

After an image is uploaded, the vehicle’s mileage must be entered below the photo. Once this is complete, click the “SUBMIT” button.

Final Submission Page

5. Final Submission

After a photo has been successfully submitted, a notification will appear on the Forms and Reports page, stating that an email will be sent out once the review is complete. When the photo that was under review is approved or rejected, an email will be sent. If a photo is rejected, this status will also appear in Customer Center with instructions. Please note, if the photo is rejected, this message will disappear when the timeframe expires or a valid photo is submitted.

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